All teens and their parents are invited to attend a talk from industry speakers on the power of Entrepreneurial Mindset at an Early Age. Please sign up to reserve your spot for a 2-hour free virtual workshop

10:00 am - 12:00 pm PST
Saturday, June 10th, 2023
Zoom Presentation

    • Guest Speaker: Nandan Kalle, COO Greenfield Robotics (AgroRobotic Startup)
    • Communication Strategist & Speech/Language Pathologist: Janet FitzGerald, FitzCom
    • Business Case Study Workshop
    • Q&A from Parents and Attendees

    21iQInnovation Founders believe that the development of an entrepreneurial mindset together with the training in leadership, team building, public speaking, technology and finance gives students a head start in life. Being motivated, having the skills to juggle with various tasks and self-confidence are some of the qualities that help them overcome the hurdles they may face. Under the guidance of mentors, the 21iQ Program nurtures those very skill sets and provides access to a network of professionals and industry leaders that can make the students succeed in whatever they do.

    It has been established through evaluation studies of high school level curriculum in youth that students increase their aspirations, interest in college, reading, and leadership behavior after participation in entrepreneurship programs. Reports show that six months later, 70 percent of the alumni in an evaluation study cohort were in college, 63 percent had jobs, and one in three ran a small business. Perhaps most critically, the experience of a sense of ownership in their lives was four times higher for alumni of youth-entrepreneurship programs than for students who did not take such courses.

    The mission of 21iQInnovation Program is to bring together students from diverse backgrounds and interests to prepare them for college and workforce ready with 21st century skill sets. Come and learn from the panelists what matters to be successful in your goals.
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